Sunday, May 15, 2022

Review: AAWKS - Heavy on the Cosmic

AAWKS is a fuzzy quartet from Barrie, Ontario. I featured them as part of the Canuck Spotlight showcase not too long ago. They are about to unleash their first LP, Heavy on the Cosmic, on June 10th via Black Throne Productions. I always enjoy promoting Canadian artists and it’s even more fun when it’s a band of really good people making excellent music that I happen to dig a lot. And, man, what an absolute trip this album is! As a side note, I think it’s super cool that in a band of three guys and a woman (Randylin Babic), the woman happens to be the drummer. If that’s not girl power, I don’t know what is!

Heavy on the Cosmic is a concept album of sorts. The marvelous album artwork reminds me a bit of Phantasm (1979), one of my favorite horror movies of all-time. The LP opens with “Beyond the Sun” and the fuzz is strong with this one! A spacey, distorted tune that sets the tone for the sonic journey that follows. “Sunshine Apparitions” is a catchy summery song. “The Woods” is trippy and singer/guitarist Kris Dzierzbicki’s vocals here are particularly reminiscent of the band Filter’s frontman Richard Patrick. A definite highlight of the album. Track 4, “All is Fine”, has a doomier vibe, and it may very well be the best song on the record with a riff to die for. It serves as a centerpiece. “The Electric Traveller”, which was the second single, is a stellar track and quite possibly my favorite on here. I just never tire of hearing it. Sixth, we have “Space City”, the first single, a hypnotic tune that channels the band Filter at times. “Star Collider” has rhythm for days and is a chill track that’ll make your head bob. The trip comes to an end with “Peeling Away”, a spaced-out song to make you feel like you’re drifting into outer space.

I think it’s fair to say that the summer season for music releases has officially begun. Heavy on the Cosmic should be your first must-buy album of the season. It’ll spoil you because I believe it will be one of the best records you’ll hear all summer long. It’s just the perfect fix for those lazy summer days when you just want to chill out while drinking some cold brews or when you wanna roll it up, light it up, and smoke it up with some good buddies. It’s also the perfect soundtrack for the skate park. If you’re into fuzzy, spacey stoner rock with hints of doom sprinkled on top, then don’t wait any longer to take a hit of AAWKS’s awesome debut album.

AAWKS on Bandcamp: 

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Audiobook: The Ultimate Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is one of the most popular and recognizable comic book characters of all-time. Along with Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man, you’d have a hard time finding someone anywhere in the world of any age group and background who wouldn’t know who the green behemoth is if you showed them a drawing or an image of him. Back in 1998, as part of their ongoing prose book series, Marvel published an anthology of short tales by some of the industry’s most well-known authors. As part of Audible’s continued effort to release those vintage books in audiobook format for the very first time, The Ultimate Hulk made its debut on April 19th, 2022 and is narrated by Jeffrey Kafer. Here is the book’s official synopsis: “This stunning collection of more than a dozen never-before-published original tales stars one of Marvel Comics' most enduring characters: The Incredible Hulk. The stories included within this anthology span the entire career of the green goliath, from his early days as an inarticulate savage to his more intelligent incarnation to an unprecedented glimpse at his future as he faces the end of the world.”

The collection of 16 short stories features a who’s who of Marvel talent and established fiction authors, past and present. The last tale is penned by famous Hulk writer Peter David who wrote the comic book series for twelve years and redefined the character in the 1990s. The tales showcase the green goliath throughout his long publishing history, from the feral green Hulk to the smarter and more articulate grey Hulk, against and fighting alongside a plethora of comic book characters such as Magneto, Rhino, The Leader, The Avengers, The Thing, and many more. The Hulk’s alter ego, Bruce Banner, also gets plenty of time to shine in stories focussing on him rather than the monster lurking inside. The Hulk’s regular title cast also get some yarns dedicated to them including Rick Jones, Betty Ross, General Thaddeus Ross, and Doc Samson. Some of the stories even pay homage to the beloved 1970s TV show that starred Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. You can find the Table of Contents below:

Cover art for the 1998 print edition

Introduction by Stan Lee

Retroduction by Peter David

“Sidekick” by Dennis Brabham

“In the Line of Banner” by Danny Fingeroth

“Transformations” by Will Murray

“Assault on Avengers Mansion” by Richard C. White and Steven A. Roman

“Pitfall” by Pierce Askegren

“Out of the Darkness” by Glenn Greenberg

“Truck Stop” by Jo Duffy

“Hiding” by Nancy Holder and Christopher Golden

“Here There Be Dragons” by Sholly Fisch

“A Quiet, Normal Life” by Thomas Deja

“A Green Snake in Paradise” by Steve Lyons

“The Beast with Nine Bands” by James A. Wolf

“Leveling Las Vegas” by Stan Timmons

“The Samson Journals” by Ken Grobe

“Playing It Safe” by Keith R.A. DeCandido

“The Last Titan” by Peter David

Cover art for The Incredible Hulk #206 (1976) by Dave Cockrum

As with all short story collections, there are of course some hits and misses, but for the most part, this book leans more towards very good to excellent. Out of the sixteen tales, there were only three or four that I didn’t care for and I found more than half of them were captivating and quite enjoyable. The stand-out stories for me were “Sidekick”, “Truck Stop”, and “Hiding.” Jeffrey Kafer who’s no stranger to Marvel prose books when it comes to narrating does a stellar job with pronunciation, pacing, and voice-acting as he portrays a slew of different heroes and villains. I believe most of these stories would translate well into comic books if they were to be adapted. If you’re a fan of the jade giant, comic books or fantasy short stories in general, I think you’ll have a blast with The Ultimate Hulk.

Rating: Four stars out of five

Get your copy on Audible

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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Review: Besvärjelsen – Atlas

There are some bands you hear for the first time that for some reason don’t resonate with you. Then after a couple of listens, you click and you wonder why you weren’t won over from the get-go. For me, Stockholm, Sweden’s Besvärjelsen (Swedish for “Conjuring”) is such a band. Although they’ve been around for a few years—formed in 2014, they released their first LP, Vallmo, in 2018—they only came to my attention last December. It was with the release of Magnetic Eye Records’ AC/DC tribute album, Back in Black Redux, where Besvärjelsen covered the beloved title cut and upon hearing it, I was lukewarm to the cover and the band. Fast forward to about two months ago when the first single off of their upcoming LP Atlas, “Digerliden”, came out and it got my attention. It was a solid track with great vocals. It was followed by “Clouds” a month ago. This is where I got hooked. I remembered their cover of “Back in Black” and decided to give it another spin. I got it this time and it hit home. They made it their own and I was okay with the fact that it was so different than the original song which I love so much. Besvärjelsen and its charismatic lead singer Lea Amling Alazam had won me over.

So, when Atlas landed in my inbox for consideration, I was thrilled. I wasn’t prepared though for just how much this album would blow me away! Atlas is an amalgam of music genres from Rock to Doom via Prog Rock and Metal, all perfectly fused together to give monumental results. The quintet is fronted by Lea whose strong presence in the band’s videos comes across through each and every song. She’s got an amazing set of pipes reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and Adele. You can tell this group’s a cohesive unit with a polished sound that kicks things to the next level. This is a band that will soon be unstoppable, mark my words. From the fierce opening track, “The Cardinal Ride”, to the two afore-mentioned singles, to highlights like the catchy and contagious “House of the Burning Light”, the gorgeous ballad that is “Paradise”, the stellar “Descent”, to the poetic “Obscured by Darkness” and the record’s culmination with the epic 8-minute long “Divided Ends”, Atlas is a titan of an album.

Besvärjelsen is a word that you should all learn to say correctly (check out this fun video on YouTube where Lea teaches us how to pronounce it) because you’re bound to hear it quite often in the years to come. Fans of Alice in Chains and Windhand will particularly enjoy the band’s brand of music, in my opinion. When Atlas will be unleashed upon the world on May 27 via the Magnetic Eye Records label, aficionados of Occult Rock, Doom, Metal, and all its subgenres will revel in its splendour. Do yourself a favour and give this band a chance, if you haven’t already. Besvärjelsen’s Atlas is a definite album-of-the-year contender.

Besvärjelsen’s Bandcamp page:

Magnetic Eye Records’ Bandcamp page for Atlas:

Friday, May 6, 2022

May Bandcamp Friday Reign Supreme!

Happy Bandcamp Friday, friends! Bandcamp waives its revenue share and all the money goes directly to the artists and labels until midnight tonight. It may be the last one for a while as Bandcamp had stated back in February that there would be four BC Fridays until May. If ever that is the case, have no fear, your friendly Harbinger of D.O.O.M. will at least continue to give you some purchasing suggestions so you can spend your hard-earned money and still bring some support to all those beloved artists who make great music for us.

Without further ado, let’s start off with our first pick: Green Hog Band are back to pummel our ears with their special brand of fuzzy desert/doom/stoner rock with Crypt of Doom which was released on May 1st via The Swamp Records. You can grab a copy of that bad boy over here.

Numero dois, Weedian continues to deliver the goods and unveils Trip to Brazil, a brand-new compilation that includes the best of the Brazilian underground scene. A whopping 51 hand-picked tracks with an emphasis on stoner/doom metal. As usual, it’s a “Name Your Price” release so you have no excuse not to get it

Third, after a six-year absence, fan-favorites Wo Fat return with their seventh studio album, The Singularity, a lengthy heavy rock fest out today via the mighty Ripple Music. You can feast your ears on it here.

Fourth, the Lord of Coolness Brant Bjork himself, and the mighty Rex Everything AKA Nick Oliveri formerly of Queens of The Stone Age are back as the band Stoner with their sophomore album, Totally… via Heavy Psych Sounds Records. These guys don’t know the meaning of the expression “sophomore slump.” Get stoned while you listen to it right this way

Fifth, and certainly not least, Greenseeker will release The Wish in a week’s time on May 13th. This heavy psych/stoner band from Portland, Oregon shows a ton of promise with this concept album of sorts. Pre-order it today and get two terrific songs instantly.

And that’s our Bandcamp Friday for the month of May, folks! Let’s hope it returns sooner rather than later. Enjoy the music, show some love to your favorite artists and labels and maybe take a chance or two on some new ones that will eventually become new favorites. Until next time, the Harbinger wishes you a sunny weekend filled with awesome tunage. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Audiobook: Fantastic Four - Doomsday

The Fantastic Four make their first prose novel appearance in legendary comic book writer Marv Wolfman’s 1979 book Doomsday. The official synopsis goes like this: “The brilliant scientist Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic, teams up with the woman he loves, Sue Richards, who also goes by Invisible Woman; her hot-headed kid brother Johnny Storm, or the Human Torch; and Ben Grimm, the Thing and top-flight test pilot. Together, these four braved the unknown dangers of outer space and were transformed by sizzling cosmic rays into something more than merely human! In this installment of their adventures, the Fantastic Four will go head to head against Dr. Doom.” The audiobook is narrated by Natalie Naudus and was released on April 5, 2022.

We get a great comic book and novelization writer to pen this one in the form of Marv Wolfman. Wolfman had already had lengthy writing stints at both DC and Marvel by the time he wrote this book in 1979. His claim to fame was the co-creation of The Tomb of Dracula with artist Gene Colan for Marvel in 1972, a comic that went on to become one of the most critically-acclaimed horror comics. It was during their run on the series that they created Blade, the popular character portrayed by Wesley Snipes in the movie trilogy of the same name. Wolfman had a run on Daredevil, creating the character Bullseye, and also wrote The Amazing Spider-Man in the late seventies. He also did quite a bit of screenwriting for TV, especially for cartoons in the eighties, most notably for G.I. Joe and The Transformers. Needless to say, Marvel’s First Family was in good hands for their debut novel with Marv at the helm.

Cover art for the 1979 print edition

My love for the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom is no secret, as I’ve stated in my review of Fantastic Four: Redemption of the Silver Surfer. Here we get a fun, fast-paced story, that feels as if it were written for comics so much it flows well and the listeners can easily picture the comic book pages unfolding in their mind as they listen to the audiobook. Wolfman’s depiction of action scenes along with the characterization of the FF and Doctor Doom are right on point. The above-quoted synopsis doesn’t reveal much about the storyline so I’ll quickly sum it up for you. There’s backstory on how the Fantastic Four came to be, as well as Doctor Doom’s origins and then it’s on to Doom’s plot of deception to capture the FF. He splits them up and has specific traps set for each of them that they must go through. Most of the story takes place in Latveria, Doctor Doom’s homeland. When the FF escape, they finally piece together the diabolical scheme Doom had devised all along and it makes for a grand finale. Doctor Doom is featured prominently in this book and that scores brownie points with me as he is my favorite comic book character. Although I was skeptical at first having a female narrator for a book that only features one important female character (Invisible Woman AKA Sue Richards), Natalie Naudus did a terrific job narrating and voicing the various male characters such as Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, The Thing, and Doctor Doom, giving them each a unique voice.

The FF by Jack Kirby in the '70s

Doctor Doom by Jack Kirby in 1970

Fantastic Four: Doomsday is a hell of a fun audiobook. As I have stated in my reviews of the previous FF audiobook and The Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow, these books are pretty simple and straight-forward. They might not appeal to today’s more sophisticated readers and fans of the Marvel cinematic universe. It’d be a perfect listen/read for young adults though, and highly recommended for fans of Marvel’s glorious ‘70s and ‘80s era of comics. Nostalgia plays a big factor in the reader’s enjoyment here, but if you’re a fan of the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, writer Marv Wolfman or all three, then this audiobook should hit the bull’s-eye.

Rating: Five stars out of five

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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Review: Cities of Mars - Cities of Mars

Cities of Mars is a band from planet Mars, euh, planet Earth, more specifically from Gothenburg, Sweden. They’re a fuzzed-out sci-fi conceptual doom trio. They’ll be releasing their eponymous third album through the mighty Ripple Music label this coming May 20.

Oftentimes when a band releases an eponymous album that’s not their debut LP, it’s because they’re switching gears and changing their musical direction. I believe the Swedish trio is constantly evolving and now that they’ve reached a certain peak, it felt natural to call the album Cities of Mars. The fact that it’s a sci-fi concept album about the red planet also makes it an ideal title for this record. It’s the story of a Soviet cosmonaut discovering an ancient Martian city in 1971 who awakens a sleeping conspiracy. Along the way, get ready to experience massive riffs, ethereal melodies, and masterful vocals set against a backdrop brimming with sounds that are out of this world.

The band is composed of Danne Palm on lead vocals/synth/bass, Christoffer Norén on guitar/lead vocals, and Johan Aronstedt on drums/backing vocals. At times Palm’s voice is reminiscent of The Scorpions’ Klaus Meine which adds some nice textures to the proceedings. The first single, “Towering Graves”, is a definite highlight of the album and a great snapshot of what awaits the listener in a nutshell. “Song of a Distant Earth” is a short gem of an acoustic song. There’s also the double threat of dual lead vocals for a number of tracks including “A Dawn of No Light”, “The Dreaming Sky”, and “Reflected Skyline” where Palm and Norén complement one another impeccably. The conclusion of the story comes with the 12-minute sprawling epic “The Black Shard.” I’m usually not a fan of lengthy epic songs unless they have a valid reason to exist, but this one delivers on all fronts and is my favourite song and the strongest track of the entire record in my opinion.

This is a brilliant album, folks. It will immerse you within its intricate soundscape and fill your mind with dazzling sci-fi imagery. This is Cities of Mars at their most ambitious, showing that they’ve matured both lyrically and from a musicianship perspective since 2019’s excellent The Horologist (their first album on Ripple Music). Cities of Mars, the album, is a sludgy, proggy, doomy affair heavy on atmosphere that deserves your utmost attention. Pre-order your copy today and enjoy it at your leisure on this side of the galaxy.

Cities of Mars’ Bandcamp page:

Ripple Music’s Cities of Mars Bandcamp page: 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Canuck Spotlight: Graham Strang

Happy Record Store Day, everyone! To celebrate, we’re having our second artist featured on Canuck Spotlight, a showcase for up-and-coming Canadian bands and artists. Canuck Spotlight is a new feature on the blog that focuses on awesome, hard-working Canadian artists to help spread the word about their music.

For the occasion, I’ve picked Graham Strang whom I first heard of via his “Roots and Routes” YouTube vlog about a year ago. He did an extensive KISS year-by-year project where he went through the entire KISSTORY. My love of KISS drew me to it and I found out about his original music as well. Graham is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Maple Ridge, British Columbia who’s been performing locally for over a decade. His third album, Lantern into the Dark, undoubtedly his most polished effort yet, was released last week. Highlights from the LP include “The Borderline”, “Bringing You”, and “Push Right Through”. Graham has a distinctive and very accessible sound, blending classic rock with pop-infused indie rock.

Being a KISS fan, he also shares some of his time playing Paul Stanley AKA The Starchild in the Vancouver-based KISS tribute band Alive N Kissin’. They are currently performing in and around BC and are one of the best KISS tribute bands out there. He also does many weekly entries on his YouTube vlog where he discusses everything from music history and news to his own music career.

If you’re looking for acoustic-driven rock where the songwriting shines, then pick up Graham’s latest album, you’ll be glad you did! He just started touring to support Lantern into the Dark and will be playing a ton of gigs across BC until the end of the summer and well into the fall. So, if you’re looking to attend affordable live music this summer and you live somewhere in British Columbia, check out his schedule on his Website and catch one of his gigs!

Graham Strang’s Official Website:

Graham Strang’s YouTube Channel:

Graham Strang on Bandcamp: 

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Canuck Spotlight: AAWKS

Happy 4/20, everybody! What better way to celebrate than to present a new feature here on the Harbinger of D.O.O.M. blog. Welcome to the Canuck Spotlight, a showcase for up-and-coming Canadian bands and artists. As a proud Canadian, it’s my pleasure to help shine a light on some amazing, hard-working bands and spread the word about their music. The Canuck Spotlight will pop up from time to time on the blog without warning, so be on the lookout for it!

The first band to be featured is a Barrie, Ontario quartet that go by the name AAWKS. Formed in 2019 and comprised of Kris Dzierzbicki on guitar/vocals, Roberto Paraíso on guitar, Randylin Babic on drums, and the latest addition on bass, Dan Trickett, they deliver a fresh blend of fuzzy, spaced-out stoner rock. They draw influence from classic bands such as Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath, but also from more modern purveyors of stoner music like Monolord and Windhand.

AAWKS released their first EP titled All Is Fine/Summer Haze in 2020 and on June 10th, their first LP, Heavy on the Cosmic, will see the light of day on the Black Throne Productions label. The first single off that album, “Space City”, came out in February and was a blast. Their second single, “The Electric Traveller”, comes out this Friday, April 22nd. While the first single got my attention, I’m all in with this one! “The Electric Traveller” is a super fuzzy track loaded with spacey atmosphere and distortion. Be warned: this song is an earworm and will leave you humming it all day.

So, give AAWKS a spin, you’re gonna have a good time. If you wanna catch them in concert, they’ll be touring Ontario throughout the rest of 2022. I’ll have a conversation with the band sometime in May as well as a review of their Heavy on the Cosmic album prior to release, so keep an eye out for that.

AAWKS on Bandcamp:

AAWKS on Twitter: 

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Review: Infinity Dream - Memories

Infinity Dream, a quartet hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina released last week their debut album titled Memories on the Metal Assault Records label. The band has a unique sound, blending traditional heavy metal, melodic metal, and gothic rock. In a landscape such as today’s where there are hundreds of subgenres of metal/rock, they’ve managed to craft an album that distinguishes itself and stands out from what we’ve been hearing these past couple of years.

Infinity Dream’s music has atmosphere to boot and if I were to compare their brand of metal, I’d say that they have a sound that harkens back to the Tony Martin-era of Black Sabbath from the late ‘80s/early ‘90s, mixed with drops of Candlemass and a touch of Dio. Their songs are dark, melancholic, but also offer a glimmer of hope. The gorgeous cover photo/artwork is an accurate indicator of what awaits the listener inside. “The Future Past”, first track and first single, paints a picture-perfect soundscape and sets the tone for the rest of the record: terrific vocals, weeping guitars, melodic keys, and a tight, solid rhythm section. “Under Darkened Sky”, “Bitter End”, and “Circle in Time” are tinged with melancholy and all highlights of the album. “Coming Home” is a sing-along-song and one of my absolute favorites. “Another Day” is a bona fide rock ballad and I love it! There isn’t one miss on the entire album; it’s all hits, no filler.

Memories will create lasting memories for the listener, the way your favorite band immortalized your youth with its anthems and memorable songs that you carry with you to this day. Infinity Dream have an incredibly accessible sound and if you’re into catchy choruses, vintage guitar solos with weeping guitars, keyboards that rock you gently, softer vocals that add extra textures to songs, then Memories will be a true gem for you. This is a special record, folks, one that I see myself listening to for years to come. A definite album of the year contender!

Infinity Dream on Bandcamp: 

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Audiobook: The Avengers – The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

The Avengers are probably Marvel’s second most popular superhero team right behind the X-Men. Their roster has changed and evolved over the decades but they’ve always had a fair share of appeal with comic book readers. Back in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s, writer David Michelinie was in the midst of a four-year run on the celebrated title which made him the perfect candidate to write a novel based on the beloved comic book series. Originally published in 1979, The Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow was the superhero team’s very first novel.

Here’s the book’s official synopsis: “Iron Man, Thor, Vision, The Beast, Quicksilver, and The Scarlet Witch band together to save the life of Captain America, the living legend of World War II! Travel with these six sensational heroes 2,000 years into the future as they come face-to-face with the unimaginable villainy of Kang the Conqueror, a descendant of Dr. Doom who is determined to be rid of Captain America—for good.” The audiobook is narrated by Qarie Marshall and was released on April 5th, 2022.

Cover art for the 1979 print edition

This book is right up my alley, written by one of my favourite comic book writers back in the day, David Michelinie, who really wrote this as if it were a multi-issue comic book story. The action leaps from the pages, well, the pages being read by the narrator, that is. Michelinie really knows his stuff and does perfect characterizations of the cast of heroes. Fun fact: Michelinie is only second to Stan “The Man” Lee in terms of the longest run as writer on The Amazing Spider-Man. His run on the Iron Man title back in the ‘70s and ‘80s hasn’t been matched before or since, in my opinion, akin to Frank Miller’s run on the Daredevil series. Speaking of heroes, the selection of members for the Avengers in this novel is really great. I love having Quicksilver and Beast as part of the group, something quite different to the team’s cinematic iteration. Having Kang as the villain is also a wise choice, seeing as he was a popular recurring baddie for the Avengers.

The Avengers issue #267 from 1986

I won’t get into too many details regarding the plot, except to say that the Avengers find themselves facing a powerful opponent with mystic powers by the name of Brother Bear who is directly linked to Captain America’s disappearance. It feels like two stories wrapped into one with a connecting thread. The back-and-forth between the characters is always fun, the action scenes are well laid out, the story moves at brisk pace, and it’s an enjoyable ride throughout in spite of the titular villain only showing up in the latter part of the book. I love the feel of these vintage novels and while I’m sure some readers will bemoan the fact that they’ve kept some politically incorrect terms when referring to a specific group of people—not the most offensive of terms—I appreciate the fact that they’ve kept it intact, preserving the novel’s integrity as it was written back in 1979. There’s even a reference to Mork and Mindy, which was a highly relevant TV show around the time the book was published—if you’ve never heard of Mork and Mindy, just Google it! Since this is an audiobook, the narrator is a key part of the package and Qarie Marshall provides an excellent reading and voice-acting of the plethora of characters featured in the story.

The Avengers issue #201 from 1980

That being said, The Man Who Stole Tomorrow still remains a book that is very much a product of its time and similar to my previous Marvel audiobook review, Fantastic Four: Redemption of the Silver Surfer, it’s quite straight-forward and simple by today’s standards. For those reasons, a younger, more sophisticated group of readers might not find this book as appealing as someone who grew up or was a comic book collector back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. If you want to experience what the Avengers were like in the Bronze Age of comic books, or if you’re simply a fan of vintage comic book stories or of the Avengers in any way, shape or form, then you’re bound to have a good time with David Michelinie’s excellent prose book. It’s a terrific adaptation of a great Marvel franchise. Avengers Assemble!

Rating: Four stars out of five

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